These 2 blocks is quite backward, under developed.  In this Mandal having total of 30GP’s with the population of 74367, among this population most of the families are  from dalits,  tribals  and all are  still  in backward. This mandals located 160Km’s far from district head quarters.

Past Situation of 2 Blocks

  • Parents and children not aware on the importance of the education
  • There is no proper employment sources.
  • Caste/Gender discrimination was high.
  • Untouchability practices are more.
  • Following Cast Traditions which lead to child marriages.
  • Children are working as a bonded labors.
  • Human Trafficking women and girls
  • Migration
  • Government officials has no authority in front of landlords.
  • Lack of UP & High Schools and Health Care Services.
  • Most of the families depend on daily wages.
  • Landless families

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